Date Offset - Prompt Problem S’abonner

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We have just recently updated from Bartender 9.3 Lite version to Bartender 10 Enterprise Automation.

Most of our labels have an expiry date which is offset by a constant of either one or two years, but with a prompt for the user to verify or amend the date.
This was working well with Bartender 10, with the offset date appearing at the prompt for validation. However we have since setup the system database on our server and this functionality doesn't work as it did previously. The date reverts to todays date rather than the offset date.

I've had a play around and can get the correct date to appear if I have the offset calculated by a different data source rather than by a constant, however I'd prefer not to have to change all our old labels.

Has anyone any experience of this? Is there an easy way to fix it?



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