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Bartender Suite 10 is recently installed in a hosted environment at my customer.
Everything was working fine for a good week. Designing templates and setting up Commander. But then it started with Commander not able to reach the printers when running as as a service. No errors. As application it works fine.

I sometimes get error message #6700 upon entering page setup in BT. And I also get #3700 upon trying to print.
It seems to be dependant on how I connect; using VPN and a terminal server or from within the customers domain.
The latter when getting errors.

Hosting supplier can't find anything strange in printer sharing or any other rights.
We have tried rebooting the server.
Seagull drivers are installed. I will check version and post again.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Ian Cummings
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It sounds like you need to specify an account for the BarTender command handler to run under. The default account in use inherited by the Commander service probably lacks sufficient permissions on the files, folders and printers in use. refer to the Commander trouble-shooter PDF for details:

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