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I am using a spreadsheet as a database in Bartender 9. I have a column of over 300 numbers that Bartender is converting to individual barcoded labels. The column is mainly numbers, but the last 6 entries are alphanumeric. When I browse the spreadsheet withing Bartender's database setup wizard, those alphanumeric entries in the table are blank. I tried changing the data format in excel options from "general" to all kinds of different options, but Bartender still thinks those entries are blank. But, if I copy those values to a brand new sheet in excel, Bartender can read the entries just fine. Is this a known glitch? Can I fix it?

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Shotaro Ito
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Yes - I have seen that many times, that's strange behavior of MS OLEDB/ODBC automatic data type detection.

[url=""]See this post's troubleshooting guide.[/url]

Also, use CSV (Mixed quote and comma) text database or other RDBMS (Access, SQL Server etc) can be alternative.
Excel is a very good spreadsheet, however - not designed as a database.

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