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Hi, I'm a newbie in this barcode thing. My PCB company wants to implement barcode serialization on boards. By trial & error, I've learnt enough to create simple barcodes. The following is the format we've decided upon and I'm having trouble getting 2 variables in a single barcode:
AB: Abbreviated company name (constant text)
y: single digit year code (constant for a calender year, technically a variable)
ww: 2 digit work week code (constant for a calender week, a variable)
0001: 4 digit serial number (serialization)

I can easily create this in 2 separate labels but getting them together is a task!!
Could someone suggest an easy way to get this done; I've seen this format numerous times and is pretty much an industry standard!


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Just figured it out. Realized that Bartender supports concatenation of data sources; used the clock & embedded data sources. Put in a custome date code as "YVV" with "AB" as a prefix. However, I was struggling to show the leading 0s in 0001, it would always just show "1"; changed the data type to "embedded data" and everything is perfect now.

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