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Pardon this seemingly simple question. I'm a new user and not quite sure what terms to use in my search.

I would like create a label that includes a shipping address. When the user prints I want to let them select a destination from a list of customers in a spreadsheet or database. Once the addressee is selected, do I need to have a separate field for each line in the address or is there a way to populate a single field with multi-line data like you would type in to a field with embedded data?

If I have overlooked a tutorial or guide to this type of field a pointer to it would be appreciated.



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Hello TimM,

Thank you very much for your message.

About your question I will need more information about what do you need exactly.

To make sure, can you confirm that you need is a query in your database where you can select a customer and print the details about his address? If yes, please let me know if you have the address in several fields or you have it in only one field.

I would suggest to check our Training Video that explain how to Select Records from a Database at Print Time:

[url=""]How to Select Records from a Database at Print Time[/url]

If you have the address in several Database fields you can insert a Text Box as a Paragraph (double click in your text box and in "Text Format" you can select Paragraph as Type) and insert a substring for each database field that you need to print. Please also note that you can insert Control Characters if you need to add a Carriage Return, Horizontal Tab, Vertical Tab, ...


Carlos Anguita

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