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Apologies, as I'm new to the Barcoding area.. and have no knowledge of visual basic.


My organisation has recently purchased BarTender 10.1 for use for replication of barcodes.

We are looking to move to the ISBT 128 standard, and purchased BarTender 10.1 on the basis that it can create ISBT 128 barcodes.


One of our main purposes for BarTender software was to replicate barcodes of specimens. In future, as we're moving to ISBT 128 - we want to be able to scan an existing ISBT 128 barcode into BarTender and have it replicate.


We have set up user templates with BarTender for our current barcodes -- which are standard Code 128, and make a user friendly 'field' for staff to scan specimen ID's and reprint. We want to do the same when we move to ISBT 128, however we cannot work out how to do this!


We would need the barcode string to generate the Manual Entry 'check' character, which is generated based on a 'mathematical' algorithm behind the scenes of the FIN, YEAR, Sequential Numbers. Our flag default would be '00'.

Is anyone able to help me to create something in BarTender that allows this sort of replication, including generation of the correct Manual Entry check character.


The only solutions we have found are:

  1. The user has to enter the manual entry check character themselves -- this introduces an element of human error, resulting in sample misidentification as we don't know which is wrong, the barcode, or the manual check character
  2. Manually entering all the elements for the ISBT 128 barcode in individually - removing our ability to scan the original barcode

I'm sure there has to be away, as BarTender has the capability. But I'm yet to work out how! :)


Please find attached example ISBT 128 barcode which we want to replicate in our templates.



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Weichung Shaw
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Peacock's tech support has also relayed your inquiry to us. I have asked them to ask you for the current label file (the .btw file created from BarTender) that you have.


I believe BarTender can achieve what you want, without needing you to do visual basic scripting of your own. All that’s needed is a little bit of tweaking of the label design. If I can have your current label file, it'll be easier to explain what needs to be done. Thanks.

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