Sscc : Extra Check Digit Not Showing S’abonner

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I'm having trouble using the SSCC extra check digit in Bartender V10 automation. When I'm creating it I'm configuration the individual parts of the SSCC code , and the example show does have the extra check digit as it should be, however when I press finish and the code in text filed or in barcode field  is generated, the extra digit is not there.  For example (00) 0 123456789 0000001 9  . the 9 is the check digit and it's missing.  How do I resolve this?

Both in normal text and barcode.

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Levi Hargrove
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Hi there,


Can you attach the label so we can look at it? If it's associated with a database, please attach the database if it's attachable. If you aren't using a database, what is an example piece of data that you would use?


Thank you!

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