How Do I Add A '^' Prefix To A Data Matrix Barcode With Printer Code Template Field? S’abonner

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I need to add the character '^' as a prefix to a data matrix barcode.   The content of the data matrix barcode is coming from a database via a printer code template file.  When I try to set it up using a Printer Code Template Field having Transform prefix of ^ I get an encoding error.  

I am able to get it to work using Code 128 - but I need the 2D barcode format.  


Any suggestions on how to do this with a data matrix barcode?  



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Shotaro Ito
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'^' is treated as escape sequence.
To enter  '^' in Datamatix, give '^^'.
From Online Help:

Escape Sequences in the Data 
Data Matrix also supports a variety of escape sequences in the data stream. The escape sequences begin with the caret "^". (Use two consecutive carets "^^" to include an actual caret in the data stream.)


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