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I am running BT 10.1 on Windows 7. My label is pulling data from an Access 2016 query. Within Access I have set the field to 'long text' to accommodate the required characters but when the data is pulled into the label it is truncating. 

I am guessing it is a setting either within Access or Bartender but can't find any information on it other than to set the Access field as 'long text' (formerly 'memo'), which I've done. 

Appreciate any help offered.

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Is the data definitely truncated or is it that the text "overflows" the size of the field on the label? 

I have had something similar with food ingredient lists but it ended up it was a problem with the field being too small for the font being used. As a test you could set the field to Auto Size (from the Text Format options) and perhaps a paragraph field and stretch the paragraph box as big as possible so you can see everything even if it goes over other fields on the label for now, then if that works shrink it down to suit,  

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