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I want to create an If statement for when I get an error message. For instance when I print, it will give me a prompt to enter in a record, but if the record is not found, then it will display an error message saying record not found. I want to be able to do something when that error message appears.
like for example

if(errormessage = 3200)
then close bartender.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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Domingo Rodriguez
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BarTender messages can be customized to a certain extent via the "Administer > Application Message Setup" dialog in BarTender. You can decide what default response to assign to this message, if the message will be displayed in BarTender or not (Dialog "Interactive Use Only"), if the message will appear in the Windows or BT logs, if the message will be presented to the front-end application which is automating BarTender in the background.

If you choose this last option (Automation Exception), the message will appear as an exception to your application (.NET SDK or ActiveX Automation application). Once this exception appears, you can then decide which action to take (close BarTender, close a label format, present a message to the front-end application UI). However, inside BarTender, you won't be able to configure this message further than what the "Administer > Application Message Setup" allows.

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