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When printing a label from Bartender if the settings for the printer have been setup in Windows/Printers and Settings/PrinterX/Properties/Preferences when going to to the print dialogue box in Bartender it reverts the settings back to Defaults.


Is there a way to stop this behaviour and enforce the settings that have been setup as defaults in the printer driver?


The reasoning behind this is that when the printer is setup in Windows the label size/paper type is set and registration/margins on the printer.


When Bartender goes and gets the defaults the sizes are all incorrect and the label will not print off or prints across two labels and misses the label gap.


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EDIT : Adobe Illustrator does not have this issue of resetting the printer settings do default every time the print dialogue is selected as it has an option to use driver settings.

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Are you running under a normal Windows environment, or are you working under Terminal Services / Citrix sessions?


What exact printer make and model is in use? Is the printer driver for this printer locally installed on the computer you're having these issues?


What exact Edition, version and build of BarTender is in use?


Do you have this problem even when you create a new BarTender document from scratch rather than opening existing BarTender documents? When following the "New Document Wizard", you should be seeing the same "Page / Template" size as you've defined as "Default" in the printer preferences for the printer instance.

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