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I'm evaluating your great Zebra driver with a software by Intercard where one

can print one or more cards plus encoding. Printing one card is perfect.


When I try to print more than one card in a row, the caller program

starts coding the next card and doesn't wait till the previous card has been

printed. I guess the Intercard software cannot handle the return value of

the Seagull driver. Maybe you have a idea what I can do.

With the original Zebra driver 2.0 + WinXP everything works ok, the caller

software waits till the card is printed and THEN starts coding the next one.


I have following situation:


- Zebra P420i printer connected with USB + card coding over seriell port

- Intercard Software for card printing

- Win7 64bit


The Intercard software does the following.


- I tell the Intercard software to print 2 cards for 2 people.

- I click start

- the printer feeds the first card to the position where the coding unit sits

- then the intercard software codes the chip

- (*) then the card starts to print


so far so good BUT


- when the card starts to print (*), the Intercard coding part starts again and wants

to code the next one. In past it waited for the ending of the printing and then came up.

Of course, everything gets confussed then.


In the printer driver I have checked:


"Advanced" -> "Print directly to the printer"


(so not to use the spooler)


Maybe you have an idea what I can do or change within

printer driver settings so I can print more than one card in a row.


In this situation the printer driver is great ofr one card but cannot be used

for more than one card. I guess it is a different feedback/return value than

the original Zebra driver which the caller program cannot handle (?)



Thanks !





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Domingo Rodriguez
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From our side (Seagull support), we can only tell you to try and download a Trial copy of BarTender, our label, card and RFID design & print software, and that you make some tests with BarTender together with the Seagull drivers instead:


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