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currently looking for label design software annex printer driver to print to a Willet 460 inkjet printer.  The printer is currently sold by VideoJet



Another printer we need to print to is a Willet 255, which is a print & apply machine.


Are these printers supported by BarTender ?




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Domingo Rodriguez
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BarTender is a true Windows application, and as such it is able to print to any printer for which you've installed a true native Windows printer driver.


Seagull also developes true Windows printer drivers for most of the thermal printer manufacturers and brands. We do actually develope our own drivers because thermal printers are known for having a superset of features such as serialization optimization, variable data optimization, internal printer fonts, which aren't supported by the standard Windows APIs for driver development. However, if there is no presence of these optimization features in the printer, then there is normally no need to develop a Seagull printer driver for your printer because you can use the printer driver from the manufacturer / third party company and still print from BarTender using these drivers.


We currently do not have Seagull drivers for these printer models from Videojet, but you can use a third party true Windows printer driver instead. 

Mattia Lenzi
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Dear all,

looking to use Videojet released driver on a 9550 labeler; can I work with A5 label as the print engine becomes available?


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