Problem With Driver 7.3.4 On Win 2008 R2 S’abonner


Hello everyone!
I have installed a datamax o'neil H-6210 with the driver 7.3.4 on my server windows 2008 R2, i have a problem with the windows spooler (spoolsv.exe).
I noted a memory leak when i print something, the RAM memory wired grow up by the spoolsv.exe, when i finish to print the memory stay wired..
At the moment my only way to solve is restart the server but this isn't a solution.
Are there any way to solve finally the question?
Thanks bye! :-)

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Shotaro Ito
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Download the latest driver package (7.3.7 as of today) for Datamax O'neil,


Run driverwizard (c:\seagull\DriverWizard.exe in default) in the package to remove the driver (or hopefully all seagull drivers) - some reboots may required.

Run driverwizard again to install driver for H-6210 again.


If you experience such when you're printing from BarTender 9.3 or later, please contact to regional support.

If not using BarTender, try if that happens when you're print from the latest trial version, or other common software such as Windows Wordpad and see the same still happens.

If the memory leak happens on certain application, contact support of the application.


if everything fails, try restart print spooler when no one prints, by run command prompt by Administrator, then "net stop spooler" > "net start spooler".

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Do we know what the fix was for this problem?  I have a similar issue with Datamax printers?

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