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I'm a graphic designer (I generally work on Macs).


My client recently purchased a TSC ME-340 thermal transfer printer. He also supplied me with a PC laptop running Windows so that I can setup/design some label templates for him to use.


My question is this, can I install the TSC printer driver/s without actually connecting to the TSC thermal transfer printer?


I don't have access to the printer right now but would like to start setting up the label templates.


When I go to setup a new label in BarTender Ultralite it asks me to select a printer before proceeding but I have had difficulty installing the printer driver and think it may have something to do with not having the PC laptop connected to the TSC printer.


Any help/advice/information is greatly appreciated.



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Shotaro Ito
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You can create a dummy printer by install printer to "null" port.


Download a driver from


Run installer to start DriverWizard (c:\seagull\driverwizard.exe).

Select install printer driver.

Select other(parallel or serial).

Select appropriate printer model.

[Add port] > select local port > [New port]

type "null" as name.

Select the null port created and proceed driver install.

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