2-3 Minute Pause After Choosing Printer Properties From Client Machines S’abonner


I am using Seagull drivers on Server 2012 R2 with 3 Sato CL408e thermal printers.  The printers did not come with ethernet, so I have them connectected to the LAN with TP-LINK single port print servers that put up an lpd queue.


I have been using these print servers and these printers a few years with Seagull.  Just recently upgraded from server 2k3 to server2k12r2.


indication I am seeing on 2 of the 3 printers is when you right click on the shared printer from the client machine (win7, winxp, or win10) and choose printer properties, I get a 2-3 minute pause until it comes back with a dialog box that communication could not be estacblished with the print server and I have options to retry, disable, or cancel.


I specifically do NOT have Bidirectional comms set on tcpip ports for the windows spooler ports.


It only seems to happen with 2 of the three printers.  Most of the time, choosing Disable once it will not come back for that user on that machine.  If a new user logs into that machine or that user goes to another machine, they may have to wait and disable again.


I saw some network related options in the Print Driver options tab regarding syncing settings and whatnot.  I have not tried to configure any of that.


I did choose disable on the TCPIP prefs of that option tab, but no real effect on this problem.  See attached screenshot.





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I have nearly the same problem on my side with Windows Server 2008 R2, Seagul 7.4.0 Zebra drivers and Windows 7 clients.

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