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I have 12 unique products that require a different label for each. Each row of the database contains all the information for 1 product. Each product can be run in batches of 0 to 1000 depending on the order. I would like to have an excel sheet that contains all the information about each product that goes on the label. I need to be able to update this sheet with additional products or change existing. There is also a unique piece of information, per product, that needs to appear in 2 different places on the label. Is there a way to input this once and have it propagate to the other places.

I would like to use the print station option to display all the unique labels from the excel sheet so operators can select which product to run. I also need this to update automatically when additional products are added to the excel sheet. It is acceptable if the Print Station software needs to be restarted to read in the new information.

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