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We run Bartender 9 in our business for label printing and we use a different application for our card printing solution. Since they introduced card printing in version 10 now, I downloaded the trial version of 10 to check it out. The problem is that I can't seem to find any information on the card printing features outside of the announcements or brochures. The help file didn't have anything in it about the card printing, neither did the website, videos, or forums.

So I'm wondering if there are any tutorials on the card printing side of Bartender? I want to test not just the capabilities of designing and printing a card, but I want to look at how the data is stored, how easy it is for an end user to input new employee, how the employees are stored and organized, if there is a search function, etc. Bartender states that this is a two year in the making rich feature set and not a light-weight first step, so I am hoping that this is correct but I have my reserves.



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Ian Cummings
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BarTender's card printing capabilities are concerned with card design, encoding data (magnetic stripe/RFID) and printing. The other features you mention, such as keeping employee records is not what BarTender is concerned with. BarTender of course can source data from systems that perform these functions, and also integrate with them also using the .NET SDK, COM automation, XML or the Commander middleware application.

The card printer specific features are highlighted in the below PDFs which I assume you have already read.

We stay laser focused on design and printing of "documents" combined with great data sourcing and systems integration capabilities. BarTender does not go down the route of these additional features that you mention for the same reason why we don't make ERP and WMS features on the label printing side. To do so is reinventing the wheel, we would be competing with well established, comprehensive products that specialize in the area, and it would take away our development resources from our principal product.

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