Mt2070 And Barcoding S’abonner

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Good morning!  We recently purchased an MT2070 Symbol scanner which has a lot of nice features.  We have Bartender Pro and a warehouse of about 10K SKUs but nothing is yet barcoded.  We are working to create the bin labels, the data, etc.  Does anyone else use these scanners, or similar ones? I'm trying to get advice on starting points from someone(s) who have already done this and am not finding a lot of warehouse forums.  I know this scanner has a lot of customizable features which I'd love to understand, and the manual doesn't really make it a lot easier (600 pages..) Just thought I'd reach out here and see if I have any success!


Some of our biggest issues are the varying box sizes for stock and trying to make a label that contains enough data to be useful both for a scanner and a human who is pulling the parts.  To give a little history, I am updating a company that is very "old school" as far as inventory and such. This is one very small step towards brining the data to the decision makers and improving the overall flow of the warehouse.


Thanks and have a great day!

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