Problem With Address Image File S’abonner

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My label design which has been operating successfully for a number of years incorporates a number of embedded image files.  One of them is an address image which is an embedded .jpg file.


I have a problem in that I receive new versions of the label design from a customer from time to time and the address image will not print out correctly.   The text is enlarged and too big for the picture object to contain it all.


It seems to occur after the following:  when the revised image comes to me, it comes as BarTender 10.1.  I then have to back save the image to 9.4 SR3 to be compatible with our software application which prints it out.   We cannot upgrade our production environment to 10.1 at present.


The strange thing is that our current live version of the file prints out fine and the address image is the correct size. I have compared the file properties between image files and they are exactly the same. I have tried cutting and pasting the successful address image into the new label design and back-saving it then trying to print. This still fails.


I have also tried saving the new label design as version 9.4 SR3 then doing the cut and paste and saving again so that there is no back-save going on.  This also still fails.


Can anyone help?



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