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Print 4 Instead Of 6 Labels Of A Layout


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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi Patrick,
    Did that happens on print preview too?
    Preview before print to see that happens or not.

    If that happens on preview too, something wrong happening in BarTender side.
    If you use database connection, in database setup > Browse tab, make sure all data are shown properly.
    Field data might not fully imported from Excel database due to inconsistent data type in a field. To prevent that, the easiest way is use CSV data instead of Excel.
    (There's some more tricks to import excel data - if you hit this issue and need to go with Excel, please tell me)

    If never happens on preview but happens on actual print, that might be printer / driver issue. Try Re-install printer driver with the latest version.
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    Legacy Poster

    in the preview it didn't happens only when i print it out.
    I have also test an other printer and a PDF printer, all printers have this problem.
    I print on all pages the same data. on the first page the paper is full on the second not, on the third the paper is full and so on.
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    Shotaro Ito
    Hi, I've tried to reproduce your issue with PDF printer and BarTender 9.4SR3 with XP SP3, but it went just fine.
    In that case, please contact to Seagull [url=""]Technical Support[/url] via e-mail,
    With the information of..

    - Product key code of your BarTender(or Serial No. / Support No. shown on Help > About..)
    - btw format attached
    - OS version and service pack
    - Printer model and driver version used


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