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Centering Objects On A Barcode Label


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    I am considering purchasing BarTender. I have downloaded the free trial and have been experimenting on it with my Zebra GX420t.

    I've successfully created a barcode by linking to an Excel spreadsheet, and I have aligned text and the barcode to the centre of my label. Since our barcodes vary from 2-7 characters, I want the text about the barcode (company name) to always be centered above the barcode - it looks odd when it is skewed off-center.

    I've successfully created this on my screen, but when I go to print, the text & barcode re-align to the left or right (I've tried moving the objects around), as opposed to being centered, like they are on my screen. Any idea on how to proceed?

    Thank you,

    Hi Amber,
    Right-click on your barcode and hover over Arrange. Click Align. For both Horizonal and Vertical, select 'Center on Label'. That should do it. Hope this helps!

    EDIT: I think I might have originally misread your question. The above instructions will always align the barcode to the center of the label, no matter how many characters are in it.

    If you're trying to center the human readable to the barcode, right click on the barcode and choose Properties. On the Human Readable tab, under Position, change the Alignment to Centered.

    If you have a separate text object, and you want to align the centers of both of the object and the barcode, click on the first object, hold shift, click the second. Right click on them, go to Arrange|Align. Under Horizontal, choose align centers.

    Hopefully one of these procedures answers your question!

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