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Multiple Print Outputs


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    Hi Bob,

    I'm not sure about sending it to another database file or table.


    If you have the Automation edition of BarTender, you can save the labels that print to the BarTender System Database. To do this, go to Adminster | Log Setup. Make sure 'Print Job Information' is checked. Using History Explorer, you can view which records print. Someone else (maybe someone from Support) will have to comment if there's any way to extract this information and save it to a database which you can use. See one of the screenshots attached.

    Also, you may be able to set up a text file log, which logs information about each label that prints, as well as the data which prints on each one. This is located on the text file log tab of the same dialog. Click Setup to choose the information you want to save to the log file. Maybe there's an option for database record number or something like that? I attached a screenshot of this dialog too.

    Hope this helps! I'm just throwing ideas out there, so maybe one of this will work for you.


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