How To Get Select Records Table In Excel Format During Print Job S’abonner

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Hi everyone!


Have using bartender software 10.1 professional edition.   Have a stock of 100000 line items and received daily 500 line items. Have using two Excel file data base with similar template design on each one. First one using for old stock where all dates for 100000 items available and printing very fast and not take a time. The second template data base Excel file updating periodically after new goods received and new dates in excel table entered please note that 90% of new items dates (description, numbers, etc..) available in old stock dates as receiving the same items. 

So printing the labels take a time after all dates entered and file updated. In order to eliminate wasting time would be great during printing the labels (when press print and then select records button) to have select records table in Excel format with opportunity to choose the item by stock code number or by description and just add 10% of item info into file instead of 100%. Just to save the time and increase productivity.


Will much appreciate for any assist with above,


Thank you.



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