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Tobias Folhoffer

Hello everybody!

I have a question about BarTender.

I used the software Zebra Designer 2 in conjunction with my Zebra printer. I bought Bartender to generate an QR Code
from a field. Works perfectly. The Zebra Designer does not support this in the free Version.

With the ZDesigner, it was possible to create a label and create query fields where the value should be entered manually in the printing window.

For example, a label with article name, composition as permanent text, and a query field for the value of the article.

When I go to the printing window in the ZDesigner, he asked for the value. I typed eg 50 and pressed enter. The lable comes out without closing the printer window. Then I tapped the next number and pressed again enter and so on and so on.

Is this not possible with barTender? I have not found a way so far.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand what I mean.

Many thanks for your help!

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Tobias Folhoffer
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I found it! Sorry, did not see the tab for the form.

Best wishes!

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