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Hi all,


We installed an HP plotter and had some problems with it.  We removed the drivers, but now every time we reboot the server we get errors in the event log. How do I completely remove the print driver?

Please help.


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Jonathan DuPen
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In case anyone else runs into this, We had a similar issue where we had to pry out our Seagull Zebra Drivers (the Driver Wizard was also failing to remove).  In a nutshell, what we ended up doing was running pnputil.exe in the command prompt.

This is a windows tool that strips out 3rd party drivers.  You need to locate where you're oem(#).inf files were installed first.  Our inf files were located in the C:\Windows\System32\spool\ folder.  The key for use was to use the /force command.  Hope this saves someone some pain. 

Examples of pnputil commands:

pnputil /add-driver x:\driver.inf <- Add driver package
pnputil /add-driver c:\oem\*.inf <- Add multiple driver packages
pnputil /add-driver device.inf /install <- Add and install driver package
pnputil /enum-drivers <- Enumerate OEM driver packages
pnputil /delete-driver oem0.inf <- Delete driver package
pnputil /delete-driver oem1.inf /force <- Force delete driver package
pnputil /export-driver oem6.inf . <- Export driver package
pnputil /export-driver * c:\backup <- Export all driver packages



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