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    We are using this label printer to print from SAP as well as BarTender. However, we can't share since SAP only supports z-mode. Is there a way BarTender can support z-mode activated TEC B-EX4T1 ? Or does anyone have experience printing from SAP without the ZPL device  type, ie the provided device type ?



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Peter Thane
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With some printers you can switch between various modes "on the fly" by adding a command into the printer driver (Page Setup>Advanced Options>User Commands) . Unfortunately I do not know enough about the TEC command language (TCPL) to say whether this is possible in this case and, if so, what the commands would be as you would need to add a Start of Job and End of Job command string to switch from ZPL to TCPL and then back again.

However, as the printer is expecting ZPL II commands you could try installing a matching resolution Zebra ZPL II driver pointing to the port that the TEC is connected to and see if that works. You may need to play around with fonts etc. to find one that works and I think sticking to the generic Zebra fonts would be the best option. This is because True Type fonts will be sent down as graphical files and the Seagull drivers normally cache images to a set memory location and then call them up when printing. This default location for a TEC will likely be different to that of a Zebra and so you could encounter some issues with this.  Saying that the Z Mode in TEC may well compensate for this already and so you could be okay. 


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