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Seb Atkins

I have an issue with Global data fields,

On my document i have a data entry form which is linked to named data sources which are linked to global data fields,

When printing the document always prints with the previous values of these fields and not the ones entered onto the data entry form almost as if it is printing the document and then updating the global data fields.
I intend to use this document within a batch of documents hence using global data fields as i will need to pass these values onto the other documents so that the user only has to enter these once.
When attempting to do this in batch maker the first document (the one with the data entry form) prints with the previous values and then the subsequent documents print correctly with the values entered on the form.
This also happens in bartender designer when trying to print the document with the form, the previous values get printed then the template updates to the inputted values.

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Seb Atkins
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In-case anyone else has come across the same issue i thought i would post the below solution from Bartender Support.


1. Currently, named data sources using global data fields is the only document level feature that can be shared and updated across multiple BarTender documents. You can find more information about global data fields here:

Global data fields are embedded named data sources stored in the BarTender System Database. By storing named data sources in a centralized location, they are easily shared across all users, computers, and BarTender documents that are connected to the same BarTender System Database.

At the moment, you can only use Batch Maker and global data fields to share a single normal data entry prompts and objects between BarTender documents to print multiple BarTender documents at one time.

2. Can you open your label, go to the data entry form, right-click your control(s) and select Properties. In properties click on "Data Entry" on the left panel, drop the the "Default" option towards the top and select "Use Sample Data", once you do that you will see a check box below it to "Update sample data after print", check that box. Click close and try printing again, it should retain the data from your last typed data.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Many thanks and best regards,

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