Want to set the Format.StartingPosition through VB script S’abonner

Viral Suthar

The scripting is done for the "OnPrintJobStart" document event

When i have set the position statically, its worked,

Format.StartingPosition = 2

But when I have tried to set the starting position from following VB script expression, but its not working,

1st attempt with -> Format.StartingPosition = Format.NamedSubStrings("DataSourceName").Value

2nd attempt with -> Format.StartingPosition = CInt(Format.NamedSubStrings("DataSourceName").Value)

Need Help!!


Viral Suthar

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Pete Thane
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It could be as the string you are calling has no value at the time of OnPrintJobStart and you may want to use one of the later options, like OnNewRecord if it comes from a database or OnPostPrompt etc.

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