I need add functionality or vba script to my checkbox S’abonner

Brandon Castillo

Hi everybody,

I have a form in Bartender Automation, my text fields are working correctly. My problem is than I need add a validation to my checkbox, next to a example:

if(myCheckbox.value) = true then

   'do my validation throug SQL


   'don't validation, only continue

end if

Somebody can help me? Thanks and regards.


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Pete Thane
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You need to link your check box to a field the field that display the result and make the label field a Visual Basic Script> Event Controlled Script >OnPostPrompt  field with the syntax something like the sample below, where the X is your validation routine and the Y is your continue routine.

If Value = "Check Box" then
Value = X
else value = Y
end if

I hope this makes sense


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