Creating Pallet Total Weight for Batch S’abonner

Dylan Tickner

How can I create a pallet total weight based on the individual case weights which are added in at the point of printing. Since each case has a slightly different weight these numbers differ and the total is more difficult to calculate.

Is there anyway that I can create a label format for "Pallet Total Weight" that uses a sum of the weights on the last batch of labels printed?

I am not sure if this is done through a Reprint or a separate function in Bartender/Print Console.



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Peter Thane

The only way I could think of doing this would be via a VB Script routine.

One way would be with a Read In > Add value > Write Out routine whenever a label is printed storing the value in a simple text file and when you print the total label that reads in this value and then rights out a zero to the file ready for the next batch.

Not tested this but you maybe able to do something similar with and End of Job template label. That would be dependednt on how your other labels are printed and  if you have an Automation edition


Bob Lewis

From what I learned today May 02 2019 , the new version 2019 has this capability.  A new Webinar is being published on how to do this,  Important for meat packers and anyone shipping accumulated skid weights.  

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