Couldn't connect to Bartender System Service S’abonner

David Coward

After installing BT2019 (free version for evalutation purposes) i am receiving the following error message:

Cannot Open Bartender System Service service on computer

PC Spec:

Windows 10 pro 64bit

We were advised by the reseller to opt for the 32 bit version (have since tried both).

Any guidance as to where to start looking to try and resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated ?

Many thanks

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Peter Thane

Not played with 2019 yet but whenever I hit issues with 2016 and Bartender System Service it was due to some form of permissions issue that was preventing it. The last time this happened we had to uninstall and install it using a full administration user account and not just one with granted rights. 

(With 2016 there were issues with Microsoft's ODBC drivers that caused 32 and 64 bit applications from "speaking" to one another and so that is possibly why they suggested installing the 32 bit version, as (at least from my experience) a lot of people have 32 bit Office installed even though the PC has a 64 bit operating system. I believe 2019 uses a different method to form the link to databases now and so that should eliminate the ODBC issue and so it is probably better to install the version that is correct for your version of Windows)

Luca Castiglioni

I have the same problem, how can I solve it?
Chris Boswell

Also looking to install the software for analysis before advising a customer and same issue, the customer has also attempted to download the software in-house for the same reason but it also struggling. What is causing the issue and how do we resolve it?

Antonio Ochoa

Couldn't connect to Bartender System Service – BarTender Support ...


Same problem here

Jasper Wen

This is already a known issue for BarTender 2019 and generally related to the BarTender installer not being able to install or run the local BarTender SQL Server instance in certain scenarios that BarTender needs to store certain application data.

I would recommend following this support article here for possible solutions.

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