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Rick Thompson


I'm running BT 2016 Enterprise and attempting to populate datasources from VB Script after the user enters some preliminary information on the input form and presses Print.


I've seen a number of references to OnPostPrompt but nowhere in the Script editor do I see that event.


What I'm trying to accomplish:

From Integration (web portal), the user select the label to print. User enters some preliminary information on the input form. After pressing Print I need to use VBScript to get some external data via a REST service call. The VBScript for the REST call is easy and I have the data, I just can't seem to populate the datasource entries with the data before the print occurs.




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Peter Bartsch
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I would like to do something very similar, after a QR code is scanned I need to parse the data and populate the label fields based on the data in the QR Code.

Pete Thane
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OnPostPrompt is an option that it is available when you back the VB Script an Event Controlled Script. 



isnt this the same as your post https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360028789754-Parsing-Scanned-Data

which I thought was sorted

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