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SATO S84-ex does not print when Cancel Any Jobs is checked


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    David Fink

    Hi Michael,

    Did you or your team find a solution to this issue? I'm experiencing a similar issue with BarTender and the Sato S84-ex.

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    Peter Thane

    Dont know the answer but as there have been a number of driver releases since the OP originally posted the query it could have been fixed in one of these. Have you tried printing with the latest set (2020.4 I believe it is)?

    I dont know a lot about the Sato programming language and I assume a CAN command is being sent down via the driver. Looking at that I see there needs to be a 5 ms delay between sending the CAN and any new label data to be printed and so that could be the issue.

    If you created a new "Cancel Job" label with the Cancel command enabled and send that down to the printer first and then your normal label without this ticked then that may get round it. You may need to use the adjust it so the Cancel command is sent with the new label only via this option from the Print screen


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    Michael Drew

    David, sorry for the delay, I had to dig up my notes to remember what I did.   Dont' use the "Cancel All Print Jobs" option, instead add a user command to the start of each print job by using the features in the printer driver:

    After the printer is installed, locate it in the Windows Control Panel and right click and Choose Printing Preferences, then go to the Page Setup tab

    Click the “Advanced Options” button and flip to the User Commands tab.   Then enter the escape codes shown in the screenshot below.   This MUST be done in order for the printer to clear its buffer when the next data is sent to the printer, otherwise it will continue to use the previous label until the total number of specified labels are printed, or until the print job is manually cancelled from the front of the printer.





    Good luck!   Hope this helps.



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