GS1-128 Application Identifier missing when linked to a form input S’abonner

Julian Chee

Bartender Designer 2016 R7 Version (64-Bit)

I am creating a template to print a GS1-128 Extended barcode. The GTIN, Lot, Serial, and manufacture date values for the GS1-128 barcode are pulled from GTIN database, user input, internal product database, and user input, respectively. The problem I am encountering is when I link the data source to named data source, the Application identifier, e.g. (10), (21) is missing.

I have created 3 barcodes as shown in the example image to visually describe this issue.

Top - default GS1-128 barcode from Bartender

Middle - how GS1-128 barcode is displayed when Lot and Serial data source is linked to a named data source

Bottom - A Code128 barcode created to simulate the desired GS1-128 barcode needs to look like.

I am wondering why would the Application Identifier be missing by simplying adding a named data source. Any advise would be appreciated.

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