Migrate Labels and Label History only to new Database S’abonner

Williams Matthew

I've got a mess that has piled up over the years.  I have multiple Databases of different versions of BarTender and other Test items.

With the latest 2019 version, I'm looking to start fresh.  So I've created a Fresh install with a Clean Database.  I am configuring things one by one, and am now to the labels within the Librarian.  I've got a few hundred that I can manually open and save on the new system.  But then I remembered I don't get the label File History of the previous changes.

I am fluent in SQL and all things server related.  I can see the Label tables within the System Database, but don't have a mapping of everything I would need to grab for just the labels and label history.

Is there a script that you might have or could provide that would just grab the labels and label history?  BTW, I'm using BarTender 2019 Automation.

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