how to see the PKC for BT installed on a machine S’abonner

Satakshi Mishra

how to see the PKC for BT installed on a machine. Check under administration console, it shows as hidden

[Support number removed]

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Eric Myers
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Hi Satakshi,

Please don't post your support number or your PKC in the community forums. We want to help you protect your PKC from theft. There are a number of ways to retrieve your PKC. You can create a free account at our sales portal, If you've registered the software, it will be available in that location at any time you need it. You can also open a support ticket at and use the Get Support link off the blue menu bar. If you include your support number in the request, you should have a response on the same day. Finally, I have taken the liberty of creating a support ticket for you, so you should have a response later today.


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