Scanner does not detect embedded CR S’abonner

George Fontes


I'm using Data Matrix and trying to embed a carriage return in my data so when scanning into an excel or word document, all the data is not entered into one cell or line.

I'm using <<CR>> from the Control Characters panel between data elements, but it appears not to be recognized by the scanner..

My symbology settings are:

Symbol type: ECC 200

Use ECI Protocal

Text Encoding: US, Western Europe

Prefix: None

Size: Auto - square

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank You,


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Pete Thane
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I think it could be a setting in the scanner that needs enabling as sometimes Excel will not pick up these characters. Trying scanning into Notepad and see if that picks up the encoded symbol as that is less forgiving. If not look to see if you can see something like USB Keyboard Emulation or Function Key Mapping for your scanner config and try enabling that. 

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