Process builder spooling to erroneous printer S’abonner

Elijah Tripi



I'm a pretty low level user compared to what most people seem to be running, but I've been beating my head against this brick wall all day and need assistance.


I'm trying to use Process builder for the first time as a trial to start implementing it across our shop. I have 3 unique files created using 2 unique printers.
Inside of Designer, the default printer called out is correct. When I link these filed into 3 basic Print Document actions, if I select the "Import Document Settings" button, it imports the a 3rd, separate printer (its actually my home printer) that these documents have never been printed to, nor is it the "default" printer for the Process Builder file. When I run a test print, the spooling steps for all 3 files show this 3rd erroneous printer being used.
I can update the printer in the Print Options tab to the correct printers on all 3 files, save the file, and run another test print, and it still spools the 3rd erroneous printer.

Am I doing something wrong? Why can I not override this printer?

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