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I'm using BarTender integration with command script that gets txt file (in notepad).
In that code I wrote the path of the printer which I'm using:
Desktop\testBartender\Flat6Fields.btw" /PRN="BW_QA" /P /D="%Trigger File Name%"

I would like to write a code that sends the file to the user's default printer.
Thanks in advance.

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Al Perez
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Hello Shira, we appreciate you visiting our community posts!

Shira, there are actually two items to consider here:

  1. The Integration platform/service has to be able to use resources in its network (this includes folder locations, printers, etc).
  2. In your Command Script, the printer you define would have to point to a printer in your network, regardless of where that computer is.

To give you an example, if you're trying to print to USER1's default printer (say, a Zebra printer), the Integration platform must have permission to use it... by default, the Integration platform runs as the SYSTEM user. For more information, take a moment to review this integration article (under Create and deploy the integration, step 7).

In the Command Script, if the printer can be reached, you'll want to supply the location of the printer as /PRN="<USERPC>/<PRINTERNAME>". Replace these variables with the names that will allow you to reach that specific printer.

If you're still having trouble, consider opening a case with us here. I hope this helps!


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