Integration From SQL - Table Action Update Record, problem it updates all records S’abonner


  1. Wireless Warehouse Pickers put an order into the scan gun.
  2. They pick a line off that order
  3. SQL moves the lot, qty to a bin that matches that Scan gun bin ID number.
  4. We have a trigger to move that record to a new table where the Bartender Integration is setup on.
  5. In this isolated table, we have a printed_flag column automatically set to 'N'

Since there are many pickers the bin number is the only way identify which records belong to which picker and what printer to send that job to.  Once the line picks the update records action sets the printed_flag to 'Y'.

But if the timing is not right and one picker has two lines that have not printed yet, the integration action will update more than one record on the table.

In the example image above, the integration is filtering on [bin_cd] = '3333' AND [printed_flag] = 'N'

There are two records that are True that need to have a label printed. With the Actions in the example below both records would be updated to 'Y'. The integration would print one label because it took two actions against the database.

Is there a way to assign the [rowid] to a Variable before the Actions take place on only the active record? This way the new variable could be put into the Action filter to exclude inactive records. 

In other words, how do you identify which is the active record before the Actions take place?


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