How can i get (set) property of text field transform with SDK (c#) S’abonner


I want get/set property of text field transform transform with SDK (C#)
Property: Convert To Uppercase
Like this:

My version of BarTender:

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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Андрей,

Welcome to the BarTender Community!

At the moment, there is no .NET SDK method or property that can toggle this option. As a suggestion, you would make use of the String.ToUpper Method to capitalize a text string.

We're including the following information for reference (you might already have visited this resource): after you start BarTender you can navigate to the "Help > BarTender Help" Menu. 

Now visit the Automating BarTender > Automation with the BarTender .NET SDK topic.

This will direct you to all C#.NET methods currently available to you.

Please, note as well that we have removed the BarTender "About" screenshot you sent us as it could potentially reveal your personal and/or business information. In future Community posts, if you feel you need to provide us with your BarTender version or edition, it would be better to just type it for us.

Feel free to reach us again, we are always happy to help!

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