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TEC B-SX5-N Stops Printing After 30 Prints, If Restart Then Resumes


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Gavin!

    Welcome to the BarTender Community!

    The fact that we are able to send several successful print jobs to the TEC B-SX5-N makes me think that the issue could be related to the printer; perhaps it could be an issue with the printer spooler.

    • Did you check the Event Viewer application log? Even if there was no error message displayed on the printer or BarTender, we can usually find something useful on these logs (if you haven't, I would start by taking a look at these):


    • What about the 31st print job? Is there anything showing up on the Printer Queue on Printers & Scanners? Please make sure there is no document on a failed state lingering on the queue. I would follow Microsoft's Printer Troubleshooting Guides if there is something stuck here.

    • Are you using Drivers by SeagullTM for this printer? If not, the first thing I would recommend is uninstalling this printer's drivers from your workstation and downloading our Toshiba driver pack, and trying to test the printer's behavior with these installed. However, after some research, I was not able to locate any TEC B-SX5-N printer drivers on our Drivers by Seagull TM driver pack nor on Toshiba's website. Are we sure this is the exact model? Nothing is showing up with that "-N" at the end on Google for me.

      We need to make sure the drivers we are installing are for the correct printer.


    • Finally, are we running the latest BarTender build? If not, I would recommend Updating BarTender's Revision to the latest build; and in case it's already running the latest build, I would try repairing the installation by downloading our software installer and running a repair on your workstation's BarTender installation. This way we can start the troubleshooting process and rule out BarTender files being corrupted.

    Let us know how these tests went!


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