Using 2019 R5 on Zebra GX-430T Print from .csv file with multiple records S’abonner


Have multiple records in the csv file.  It has one field that contains all the data.  The container value from beginning prints out fine but the rest of the data is a copy from the first record.  Was printing out fine until rebooted the bartender license server.

Sample from file:

"Container: 1299730\r\nSDS: 64177\r\nPlant A, 111, 3516\r\nStarting\r\nACTIVATOR COMPON\r\nENT",855046,Plant A
"Container: 1299731\r\nSDS: 64177\r\nPlant A, 111, 3516\r\nStarting\r\nACTIVATOR COMPON\r\nENT",855047,Plant A
"Container: 1299732\r\nSDS: 64179\r\nPlant A, 111, 3516\r\nStarting\r\nBASE COMPONENT",855048,Plant A
"Container: 1299733\r\nSDS: 64179\r\nPlant A, 111, 3516\r\nStarting\r\nBASE COMPONENT",855049,Plant A

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Pete Thane
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You may want to check the Print>Performance>Printer Optimisations and disable some of the caching options and then retry it

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