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Hi All, 

I am trying to deploy the integration component BarTender Designer 2016 R8 on a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter. I have completed the installation of the bartender on the new server. 

I have a LIVE system that runs integrations great. I drop the .csv file into a folder it gets processed and printed, the file goes away.

The new server (Windows Server 2019 Datacenter) will eventually replace the LIVE system. All printers are installed and named exactly as they are on the live system. 

I have also copied all integration files from the current server to the new server as well as all the required folders. 

When I drop the .csv file into the folder on the new server and I run the integration it fails to run and print. 

When I go into the integration builder and view the results, it says "The input data file 'IsolationPlanBlindPINS(2022-02-08T06.18.50.964).csv' was not processed because one or more actions failed to run. Review all integration actions, correct any failures, and resend the input data file".

It also says "Print job 'IP_BlindPINS.btw' did not complete due to the following error: "

Below is the content of the file I am trying to process

"Area","BlindNumber","Unit","Equipment","PID","Class","Size","Type","Gaskets","Scaff","Location","Step","Position","Colour","Work Order"
"NORTH","2526","PFU","VLF","12-A01-220","C1","150nb*300#","Blank","SW 316L GRAPHITE CS 316","","12E41B INLET 12PSV948A. Upstream flange of PSV","","","","3401844"
"NORTH","2527","PFU","VLF","12-A01-220","C1","150nb*300#","Blank","SW 316L GRAPHITE CS 316","","12E41B INLET 12PSV948A. Downstream flange of PSV","","","","3401844"

Please, can you have a look at this error as I cannot find what is the cause of the problem? 

I have also included some screenshots for your understanding. 





Thanks, Team, 

Victor Olasanoye 

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Peter Thane
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I believe if you click the "button" to the right of the red error messages then that will expand the error information and may throw some more light on what the fault is

Xabier Clemente
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Hi Victor,

Thank you for reaching us here!

Messages such as these are usually generic in nature and can't really point us to the cause of the issue. What we are wondering is that, perhaps, since the BarTender version you are using is outdated, the issue might be caused by a recent Windows update, and that it might be resolved by simply updating your BarTender version to 2016 R9.

You can find an article detailing the steps for Updating Your BarTender Service Release here, and the latest BarTender version downloads here.

Let us know if this worked for you!

Victor Olasanoye
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Hi Xabier, 

Thank you for your comment. 

I had to upgrade the Bartender application to the 2019 version and it fixed the issue. 

The integration now works fine. 

Kind Regards, 

Victor Olasanoye.  

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