Multiple uses (on different computers & printers) opening same BTW file and printing S’abonner


We need to have multiple employees utilize the same BTW file to print labels from their individual computers and printers, but we receive an error code that reads: 

"Error Message #6236

Print Job Aborted. The record set could not be created due to the following: A connection to database "NAME of DATABASE" could not be made"

For business control, the same BTW must be utilized to print the labels. The BTW is used throughout the workday. We are not able to have the BTW open at the same time throughout the day to print, so employees are constantly telling each other to close the BTW file so that they can print.

Any ideas for a work around so that multiple people can open the BTW and print at the same time? thank you!

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Peter Thane
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Are you linking to an Excel file? 

The ODBC driver that connects Excel to other programs like BarTender only allows one "person" to connect to the spreadsheet at a time so this could result in the above type issue.

What you would nee to do to get round this is convert the spreadsheet into a different type of database that does not have the restriction, such as use the Data Builder companion app that comes with BarTender or use the Save As function in Excel to save it as a Text or CSV file. However you would need to modify the label to link to the new database and fields.

Hanna Showers
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Thank you Pete! We are linking to an excel database. I will try out your recommendation to save as a CSV.

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