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I am running bartender 2019 connected via USB to a printer Zebra ZT410. Bartender lets me go to the printing form and click print, but once I hit print nothing happens. When I go into the Administrator Console > Licensing > Printer Usage, it is recorded that I printed and the status of the response is green which should signify it printed fine. But, nothing comes out of the printer.

Like I said before, the printer is connected via USB. I used the Zebra Setup Utilities to install the printer and it is listed under USB001.

Please help, since we cannot get this to print.

Thank you.

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Peter Thane
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I would probably go back a few steps and try and check out connectivity to the printer from the driver first and also make sure there are not a bunch of print jobs sat in the queue waiting to be sent to the printer.

If you open up Control Panel on your PC and go to Devices and Printers, you should be able your ZT410 driver, right click on it and select See What's Printing.  Make sure there isnt a "copy" of the driver also as it could be the copy that is actually connected and not the original. If there is a copy you will need to repeat the comms tests for both devices. 

If there are any jobs sat in the queue then click on Printer and Cancel All Documents and the print jobs should be removed from the list although sometimes this can take a few minutes. 

Once all the jobs are deleted. Turn the printer off and once it has shut down power it up again and wait until it goes into ready state.

Again click on the Printer menu in the screen shown above and here is where there are two possible options:

  • If you are using a Seagull driver, select Properties>Tools and Form Feed from the Action drop down
  • If you are using the ZDesigner driver, click on Printer Preferences>Tools>Print>Feed one label>send


One of these commands should hopefully make the printer feed one blank label. If they dont then use the Cancel All Documents to delete the defective print command. 

If neither of the them work then I would suggest unplugging the USB cable and reconnecting it to see if a new printer is detected and installed or if not run the Add Printer wizard to see if the system can find it. 


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