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I have set up templates with a User Form to select a record at print Time.  The Records are chosen from a SQL DB view.

I set up the Print dialog in the template to use "Selected at Print Time" and set the initial record to 1.

After printing, the Bartender updates the template and the template "REMEMBERS" the record number that the user actually chose, which overwrites the "1" initially set in the record number field in the Print Dialog.

We run into an error occasionally, where the "Remembered Record" is a large number (in this case it was 1579).  After an automated database update, there were less than 1579 records in the database.  On the next instance when the template was used, the template refused to present the User form to the user, and reported a message "#3200 - No Record Available"-  meaning it was looking initially for record 1579, which did not exist.

The remedy for this is to go into the template and open the Print Dialog and set the Record number back to "1" and save the template.

How can we get the template to always default to "1" as the record number in the Print Dialog?  Or How can we keep Bartender from saving the Record Number chosen by the user?

Note:  we are using Print Station Module for all users to print.  So they never see the Print Dialog.  They only see the user Form to pick the record that they want to print.

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Peter Thane
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It sounds like you need to turn off the auto update features. If using a filter, then make sure this is unticked:

or if using an Record Picker entry box, then try disabling this:






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