xp-365b receipt prints Chinese characters S’abonner


hello every one,


am using xp-365b printer to my POS system, my system printing two languages, ARABIC and ENGLISH. when i change the printer to receipt printer (by changing the 1, 2 BINs in the back of the printer "1 off, 2 ON") then i print anything from my POS system. the printer prints garbage data in Chinese characters.

the receipt starts with:

size 74.9 mm, 127 mm

direction 0,0

reference 0,0

offset 0 mm

set peel off

set cutter off

set tear on


bitmap 15,150,72,16,1,


then empty space the

bitmap 15,198,72,32,1,

the Chinese characters

then the same "bitmap 15,198,72,32,1,

the Chinese characters"

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Xabier Clemente
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Hello Jamal,

Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

Could you tell us if this xp-365b printer is using our Drivers By Seagull™? If not, or in case these are not up to date, we would recommend you download and install these. You can find them at the following link.

Once installed, could you test the printer's behavior? Has it changed?

Thank you!

Jamal oKal
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Dear Xabier,


Am using the official driver installed directly from the website (same as the one you mentioned).



Jamal oKal
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in addition, when i changed the printer into Barcode mode, it prints English characters without any issue.

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