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Hello, I am working on a project to automate the deployment of an integration for new clients so someone doesn't have to create an integration via the GUI.  I've found that I can generate a file via the GUI, move it to another server, and using the following article

get the integration service to deploy it, but if I were to take that same integration file copy it, modify the name, and change the variables in it I need changed such as the name and the target folder to scan and do the same process the integration service does not pick it up.  I believe the issue is that the ID= hex codes are a CRC or some other format that when I copy the file are failing some check when the integration service starts up.  If there is any information on how the ID values are generated or any other information on the file format I would appreciate it.  Here is a link to a sample integration file so you can see what I am looking to do.




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Sean OConnor
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Not sure how the ID files are created, but I also learned the hard way that you can't simply copy and rename an existing integration file, but you need the ID to be unique. Some other post mentioned that you can make it unique yourself, or use the GUI to do a Save As which will assign it a unique ID. Since you dont want to use the GUI I guess you'll need to self assign. No clue the best way to do this.

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